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Visitors and Newcomers

Getting Started

We hold periodic Get-to-Know-CTK classes that provide an overview of Christian basics, our church culture, how to serve, the discipline of stewardship, and different ministry opportunities of the church. Even if you are a full member of the church by “transferring your letter,” we encourage you to attend this class for the information and fellowship. After taking this class you can be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church. Send us a note for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to be confirmed or received to be able to participate in most of the ministries at Christ The King.

    We encourage you to:

  • participate in monthly meetings of our Episcopal Church Women(ECW) or Men of Christ The King
  • attend different Bible studies
  • sing in the choir
  • lend a hand with one of our many fundraising and fellowship events
  • serve in community outreach.
See our fellowship ministries for all the wonderful ways you can serve.

Vestry service, lay reading, and select other ministries in the church are reserved for confirmed Episcopalians.
See the Becoming A Member tab below for more details.
Becoming A Member

Joining Christ The King

The Episcopal Church USA

and The Worldwide Anglican Communion

  • Vestry service, lay reading, and select other ministries in the church are reserved for confirmed Episcopalians. To be a confirmed Episcopalian, you will stand before the Bishop who will confirm or receive you as an Episcopalian and as a member of the world wide Anglican communion. (See the Holy Confirmation tab below for more details)
  • Baptism (Click for details)
    Baptism is a crucial element of our Christian life. It is the sacramental entry into the Church. You don't have to be baptized to be a member of Christ The King, however, to receive communion or be confirmed you need to be a professing follower of Christ. The Episcopal Church recognizes all baptisms in Christian denominations regardless of age. If you were baptized as a baby and wish to renew your baptismal vows and commitment to the Episcopalian church you can "reaffirm" your vows before the Bishop as an adult.
  • Transferring membership from another Episcopal Church
    If you are an Episcopalian in good standing somewhere else, you can move your letter of membership to be a full member at Christ the King. You may contact membership to make this happen.
What Does It Mean to be an Episcopalian?
Holy Confirmation

The Sacrament of Holy Confirmation

The Bishop visits regularly to confirm and receive people as well as witness reaffirmations for both youth and adults.
The word 'confirmation' is used in two ways:
  • First, it means that you are saying "yes" to the vows to Christ and the church made for a small child by parents and godparents. If you have been baptized as child or baby you can, as a mature Christian make a public choice to confirm your Christianity and membership into the Episcopal Church at Christ The King.
  • Second, when confirmation is applied to adults outside of the Episcopal church, the focus is different. If you come from another Christian tradition as an adult that is not rooted in "apostolic succession", we would confirm you as an Episcopalian.

Typically members of United Methodist, Non-denominational, Presbyterian and others protestant congregations are confirmed into the Episcopal Church. Nothing is deficient about these congregations, but the Episcopal Church places a lot of value in the unbroken "family tree" that as traced from the disciples to today in "apostolic succession." For a more detailed explanation of this go to the Wiki page for Apostolic Succession.

If you were not previously a Christian, you can be baptized. If the Bishop is present at your baptism, you do not also need to be confirmed. If you get baptized at Christ the King, then the next time the Bishop visits you would confirm your baptismal vows in the presence of the Bishop.

Each person who is confirmed at Christ The King is listed in the parish records and can take part in every aspect of lay leadership in the church from vestry to lay reading to being convention and convocation delegates and everything in between.

Being Received If you have gone through a period of instruction that led you to full membership in your former Lutheran, Orthodox, or Roman Catholic Church, then the bishop will welcome you as an Episcopalian by receiving you. Anyone who is received is then put into our records and is a full member of the Episcopal Church.

Reaffirmation If you come to Christ The King as an Episcopalian in good standing, but do not feel like you were active enough before, you might consider reaffirming your vows to Christianity and the church. This choice might be for those who have been away from the church for a period of time and want to make a new beginning or for those who sense they are at a new stage in their spiritual life and want to affirm this in ritual. This can also be done when a bishop visits.

Read more about the Sacrament of Holy Confirmation